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The Alignment of Yoga with Cynthia LaRoche

The Alignment of Yoga with Cynthia LaRoche

Begin your practice (again) with The Alignment of Yoga

with Cynthia LaRoche

January 1st comes with the prospect of a fresh start. We set our intentions and envision how we want the year to manifest. But unless we are in alignment with our desires for health, wellbeing, abundance, clarity, strength and confidence, we will self sabotage our efforts. Choose to begin the new year in alignment and prepare to live your best year yet!

Friday, Jan 5th, 6-9:00 pm
Harmonious Alignment
Everyone can benefit from physical alignment whether you’re a new student learning the basics or an advanced student deepening your work. Come ready to move, sweat and discover your alignment on a physical level. This class will combine movement, discussion, meditation, pose breakdown, breathwork and the secrets of intention setting.

Saturday, Jan 6th, 11:00-1:00pm
A Way of Life
Alignment is far from only a physical practice. Take your yoga to the next level by deepening your breathwork and creating daily habits that will accelerate the work you do on the mat. Go from autopilot to living your life on purpose.

Saturday, Jan 6th, 2:30-4:30pm
Yoga Nidra + Crystal Healing
Complete the weekend with the wonderfully healing practices of Yoga Nidra + Crystal Healing. Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a systematic guided meditation designed to create total body relaxation as well as deep meditative state. Crystal healing uses crystal energy to create a gentle, transformational experience designed to open you up, re-align your energetic frequencies, and remove emotional, physical and energetic blocks that inhibit personal growth.

**New students must take Friday night in order to take Saturday’s workshops.

Friday $60
Saturday morning $30
Saturday afternoon $42

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