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Flight Club 2018 & Groove U

Flight Club 2018 & Groove U
January 11, 2018 Amber Hayes

24 Classes. 28 Days.  Flight Club 2018

Keep your New Year’s resolutions flowing into February and join us for Flight Club 2018! Challenge your body and mind and
experience the transformation that takes place when you create a habit of spending time on your mat daily.
  • Sign-up online or in the studio to participate
  • Complete 24 classes in 28 days between February 1 and February 28
  • Double up as many times as you want
  • Attend at least ONE Groove U (offered every Friday in February)
  • Everyone who completes all of the requirements (24 classes + one Groove U) will be entered into a drawing to win FREE
    yoga for 3 months

Groove U:  Every Friday in February

Feb 2 – Balancing Poses

Connecting and Finding Balance with Tiffany Fredericks
We all seek balance in our daily lives. As we become skilled in balance on the mat, balance in our life begins to shift. Learn the technique of poses such as dancer, half moon, and hand to toe, so you can allow these more challenging poses to create balance on and off the mat.

Feb 9 – Arm Balances

Finding Weightlessness: balancing on your hands with Leanne Schweitzer
Have you wanted to add the art of arm balancing into your repertoire or create a stronger foundation in the practice of them? Contrary to popular belief, balancing on your hands does not come from the strength of your arms alone. Learn essential elements of counterbalancing and engaging specific muscle groups in order to support the feel of weightlessness. This workshop is open, encouraged, and accessible to all levels.

Feb 16 – Inversions

Heart Over Hands: Exploring Handstands & Headstands with Kristen Lewallen
Spending time with our hearts above our heads allows us the opportunity to view things from a different perspective. Join us as we explore safely inverting into handstand and headstand with a focus on harnessing our bandhas to create alignment. We will utilize various tools and exercises to build strength and stability in these shapes. This workshop will be accessible to all levels, no need to have any previous experience with inversions.

Feb 23 – Breath Work

Connecting to the Breath with David Rosen
When we return to the breath, we return to the home of our own enlightenment. The first part of class will dive into methods for connecting to the breath in our practice as well as how to take it with us off the mat. The second part of class will be a specific breath-work session that builds on the concepts discussed.


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