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Groovers Give us Praise

  • “I’ve tried many other yoga studios and I was bored and found them too serious. I needed to be challenged both physically and mentally. The music is very important to Groove, but only part of why I continue to show up at least 4 times per week. I am physically challenged everytime, now doing things that I could do when I was 8 years old(and am now 50). I have never found Groove to be intimidating and its OK to laugh when we mess up! I have introduced several friends to Groove, who have never enjoyed yoga before, and ALL have continued with this practice.It has changed my life.

  • “Groove rocked my world.When you practice in a place full of love and community, you find that you can open up emotionally, spiritually and physically, both on and off the mat. The music is awesome, the practice is kick-ass, but it’s the people in the room who bring me back.”

  • “I generally bounce between different yoga studios; but I’m becoming a serial Groove student. When I choose a Groove class, I know for a fact that I’m in for a rocking hour+ of joyful (at least in retrospect) major suffering with nice folks and amazing instructors.

  • “I began practicing yoga at Groove in December of 2010. I had set a goal to practice once a week in order to de-stress from working two jobs. Now, I do yoga 4-5 times a week. I am a Groove Yoga addict! When I first started I couldn’t touch my toes, my body was totally stiff and I was stuck in my own head too much. I had a hard time taking risks in the beginning, but now because of what I have learned at Groove I can fall with confidence knowing that I will still get right back up. For myself, and many others, Groove has become a second home. Groove has created a fun and warm atmosphere (and not just because the heat is turned up) that makes even the most inexperienced yogi feel both welcome and safe. I know this is where I belong in the present moment. And if I’ve learned anything at all – it’s all about being present.”

  • “I have been coming to Groove since the day it opened……It is way more fun than any yoga should be!!! Love the practice, love the music and love the teachers!!”

  • “I love this studio and can’t say enough about it! I was hooked on Groove from my very first class. The practice is challenging, the people in the classes are incredibly warm and friendly and the instructors are open, knowledgable and always interject the right amount of humor and spirituality. And really, any studio that can get my husband hooked on yoga has to be amazing!”