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Class Descriptions

Please note that our classes tend to sell-out and RESERVATION are highly recommended. We do our best to accommodate all our students, but can not guarantee a spot in class will be available unless a reservation is made. To make a reservation, please click on the “reserve classes” tab at the top of the page.

Groove yoga

Get your adrenaline, pumping with our unique blend of flowing Vinyasa yoga while rockin’ out to pop, rock and hip-hop music… all in our comfortably heated Groove Studio.

Hot Groove Hour

Our signature class. We turn up the heat and the music in a condensed and powerful Groove Yoga session.

Power Groove

It’s now possible to get your Groove on in only 45 minutes. Power Groove offers a dynamic sequence with our signature moves to keep you flowing, all while getting the utmost out of every pose.

Rejuvenating Groove

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit while integrating dynamic vinyasa movement, well defined alignment, meditation and pranayama (mindful breathing). We create a fun atmosphere for our students to create strength, connect with their bodies, and ultimately develop the truth within.

Groovy Yin

Cultivate balance on and off the mat with our dynamic Groovy Yin class. Yin opens the connective tissues and tendons of the body while holding postures longer to ultimately alleviate tightness, stress and anxiety. It’s no cake walk, so we’ll spin a Groovy playlist and totally keep it real!

Enlightened Groove

Shed some light with us as we delve into the foundation of our Groove Yoga practice. Although this class may rock to a slightly mellower beat, we guarantee you’ll be on an enlightened path taking your practice to the next level.

Private Groove Classes

Bring a deeper understanding and alignment to your practice with our private Groove classes. Sessions start at $65 for one student. Group and package rates are also available by request. Please email us for more details and to make a reservation with one of our instructors.

First time at Groove?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to your first class to get registered and fill out our health waiver. You will need a yoga mat, water and towel to practice. Bottled water is available for purchase. Dressing rooms and restrooms are also available for your convenience.

Our classes are heated between 83 and 86 degrees. During our signature Groove Yoga classes, the temperature stays at 86 degrees.

For myself and many others, Groove has become a second home. The fun and warm atmosphere makes even the most inexperienced yogi feel welcome.