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New Students

First Time at Groove?

Our teachers are known for their infectiously positive spirits, whimsically motivating dialogues and mutual love for all things yoga and groovy. But don’t let them fool you. You may be mesmerized into forgetting about the countless chaturangas you’ve done in today’s class, but it’s guaranteed that you will remember them tomorrow morning. They are that good!

We teach a vinyasa based flow to music, connecting each movement to breath which is suitable for all; there are modifications and advanced options for almost every pose. All we ask is you honor where you are in your yoga journey and take from each class exactly what you need. We fully believe if you commit to a consistent practice at Groove, you will find total transformation in your body & mind. Leaner, stronger, more peaceful, less reactive.

Preparing for class

  1. Dress in stretchy clothing that allows you to move freely.
  2. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to register and fill-out our health waiver. Our waiver is available for download so you can fill it out now and bring it with you to class.
  3. Bring a yoga mat, water bottle and a towel. We have water, yoga mats and yogitoes towels available for purchase for your convenience.

“We believe everyone is a beginner for the first 10 years of practice. There is no judgment in our house, so come have some fun! We welcome all levels, from someone walking in for his/her very first class to the yogarillas who could easily join the circus. And bring your kiddos or your Grandma, all ages are welcome!”