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Our Teachers

Amber is a 500-ERYT yoga teacher with a degree in Exercise Science. She began her yoga journey because of the physical benefits but soon discovered that yoga was about much more than that. Her love and dedication to the practice taught her an entirely new way of experiencing and responding to life and directly after completing her degree in Exercise Science, she began teaching her passion. Amber balances a very strong personal practice with raising two young boys, and now owning a business. As a teacher Amber will wring you out on the mat but her real goal is getting you to find something on the mat that you can carry with you when you go. As our Groove owner her desire is to create an authentic, fun, and loving space, free of judgment.

Tracy stumbled into her first yoga class some years ago looking for a “nice stretch” but mostly because she didn’t want to sit through another spin class. She was immediately hooked. She balances a very commited practice with her love for her family, friends, Groove Yoga, Pearl Jam, Nebraska, gin & dirty jokes.

**DISCLAIMER: OUR INSTRUCTORS ARE: RYT Certified, Yoga Fit Certified, Mothers, Teachers, A Father, Sisters, Students, Actors, Business Owners, Volunteers, a Lead Singer in a Rock Band and oh yeah, the Best Surfer In The World**